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Heart of the community Jenny wins a Civic Honours Award


Jenny Harrington, one of our amazing residents of Old Oak in East Acton, has won in this year’s Civic Honours Awards for her ‘Individual contributions to building a stronger, safer, kinder neighbourhood’.

Published: 13/06/2024

Jenny was nominated by Elly Harington from our Community Involvement Team, and other community partners, for the amazing work she does in the community.

Elly said:

'Jenny is a Peabody resident living near to Old Oak Community Centre in East Acton and she’s a long-time volunteer at the centre. Over the years, Jenny has been involved with running lots of different activities at the centre which have appealed to a wide range of residents.

'Most recently, Jenny has supported the newly relaunched bingo club, making teas and coffees and picking up food each week from the ‘Bubble & Squeak’ community surplus food stall to use at bingo.

'Jenny also volunteers her time to support other groups with their activities, helping with opening and closing the community centre, handing out leaflets in the community, and being on-hand to attend and help at all the community events. For years, she's been quietly making a difference without ever seeking recognition and is a valuable member of the community.

'Jenny’s always a friendly and supportive face in the community and goes above and beyond in the volunteering she does. She is example of the often-unrecognised community heroes who consistently turn up, help out and contribute to the community day in and day out.’

Jenny said:

‘I just get satisfaction out of volunteering it is my happy place. I enjoy seeing all my friends in Old Oak, I've lived here 34 years. Community is important to me as it gets me out the house when I’m not working, I've suffered with depression, so volunteering makes me happy.’ 

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