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Four apprenticeships are offered in partnership with Mount Anvil and Watkins.

Published: 18/03/2020

Our Employment and Training Team is committed to building talent for the future by supporting people into apprenticeship opportunities throughout our development supply chain. Together with our joint venture partner Mount Anvil, we've been able to offer some spaces at our Three Waters site in Bromley-By-Bow.

Interviews for a range of apprenticeships, including electrical, plumbing and mechanical engineering, took place recently. This was the final stage of an intense and competitive selection process; applicants had opportunities to experience a day on a building site where they could demonstrate their practical skills and knowledge of the sector.

Gallal Muflahi, Peabody's Apprentice Coordinator, explained that programmes like these illustrate our commitment to helping residents and customers achieve their full potential. He said that: "since 2015, we have supported over 600 people into apprenticeships across our development supply chain".

Bryn Parker, Head of Skills & Employment at Mount Anvil, said: "We’re delighted to have been able to work so closely with Peabody in creating a number of opportunities for young people at our Three Waters site. Apprenticeships such as these are vital for young people in giving them the skills and experiences they need to start building their own careers in the industry".

Apprenticeships like these are also hugely important to the industry as a whole. Watkins’ Apprentices and Health and Safety Manager Roy Lovelock added: "Apprentices are the future of our industry. There is a skills shortage out there so we really need to put some time and effort into looking for the next generation of professionals, which is what we do."

Meet our new apprentices

Although all the applicants were of a really high standard, we would like to extend a special congratulations to the four successful candidates: Terrence, Igors, Macey and Abdillahi. We caught up with them after their interviews to see how they felt:

Terence, 21-year-old Electrical Apprentice, said: "I chose to apply for this position as I choose electrical studies in college for three years and I wanted to get some formal work. This selection process was good as I was always kept informed and they didn't leave me in the dark. They were also very honest and welcoming."

Igors, 26-year-old Mechanical Engineering Apprentice, said: "I chose to apply for the mechanical engineering apprenticeship as I have been working within construction and I discovered that this is the field that I am really interested in. It was the first time for me to go through a process like this. It was quite a journey and a very nice experience."

Macey, 19-year-old Electrical Apprentice, said: "I am currently studying for my level 2 in electrical qualifications. I chose to apply for this position because I want to be able to get further in the industry, gain work experience and become a fully qualified electrician. I think that this interview process was quite good as I got to meet the employers, discover more about the company and how they do things and what their values are."

Abdillahi, 18-year-old Plumbing Apprentice, said: "I want to further my career in plumbing and this opportunity could be one of the main steps. I think the whole process went very well, they clearly explained everything and it was a good experience."

Well done to all involved for empowering these young people to be the best that they can be.

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