If you have already submitted an application because of overcrowding, we will consider offering a separate bedsit or one-bedroom home to an adult member of your family who is aged 18 or over. This is called the New Generation scheme.

The adult member will have their housing needs assessed as a separate household and will be placed in a band called A9. They will remain in this band until the overcrowding has been relieved in the family home or they move
into their own home.

They must fulfil the criteria we have for all new residents as well as the following:

  • They must have been originally housed by Peabody (including if they were born/adopted at a later date).
  • Household members wishing to be housed separately must have occupied their Peabody property continually as their sole or principal home since being originally housed by Peabody.

  • Household members wishing to be housed separately must be 18 years old or over.

You will need to complete an application form for each member of your home who meets the criteria above. If successful, the family member will be issued with an initial twelve-month starter tenancy. If this is successfully maintained, they will sign a full five-year fixed term assured shorthold tenancy.

Please note too that if a family member is re-housed under the New Generation scheme, the remaining family home will be re-assessed and the priority for a move changed or will be cancelled where appropriate

Applying for the New Generation scheme
If you do have a current application for overcrowding and would like to submit an application form on behalf of an adult member of your home, you can submit your online application here.

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