Who we are

Founded in 1862 by the banker and philanthropist George Peabody, the Peabody Group provides homes and services to more than 80,000 Londoners.

We're a housing association, a developer with a focus on regeneration (see our plans for Thamesmead), and a provider of an extensive range of community programmes. Our enduring mission is to make London a city of opportunity for all by ensuring as many people as possible have a good home, a real sense of purpose and a strong feeling of belonging.

Our housing portfolio

Our housing portfolio comprises more than 29,000 properties across the majority of London boroughs. This portfolio includes properties managed by our subsidiary company Gallions Housing as well as those previously owned by the Crown Estate.

Peabody Group legal information
  • Governance, boards and committees

    Peabody's corporate structure and decision-making processes.

  • Our policies

    Peabody's key policies and guidelines.

  • Business with us

    We purchase a wide range of goods and services and aim to get the best value for our customers.

  • Our heritage

    Learn more about our founder George Peabody and how he shaped us, the residents who served in the Great War and the history of our estates.