We're committed to making The Moorings a great place to live.

In The Moorings we're proposing a number of small scale improvements that we think can make a big difference to the area.

We're delivering these in partnership with the Royal Borough of Greenwich with additional funding from the Thamesmead Moorings ward councillors.

PSP_2404 Brick Box Thamesmead -100

Royal Borough of Greenwich Mayor and Thamesmead Moorings ward Councillor Olu Babatola and Peabody speaking with residents about ideas to improve The Moorings

The improvements proposed are based on conversations we had with residents at the Moorings Street Party in June, the Tump 53 picnic in August and the Moorings Garage Gala in September. Thank you for all your valuable feedback.

What we're proposing

Byron Close toddler play area

One of the things that you told us is the need for improved play areas.

Byron Play Area Existing Panorama

Byron Close today

We’re proposing a new play space for toddlers next to the cannons at Byron Close. This will include new planting and soft surfacing, with new swings, a slide, and tractor and lizard sculptures to play on. We’ll also improve the existing planting around the cannons.

Closing Titmuss Avenue underpasses

Residents have also told us that some of the underpasses along Titmuss Avenue are poorly used and can feel unsafe and unwelcoming.

We’re proposing to close some of these underpasses, including:

  • Between Cross Court and Mill Court
  • Between Besant Court and Manning Court
  • Between Manning Court and Chadwick Court

3293 Planter To Stopped Underpass

Planters will be used to close off the underpasses

By closing these smaller routes, we would be able to ensure that the key routes that are easiest for getting about are well used and feel safe. We would install new planters at the entrances to the closed off underpasses to show that they are no longer in use.

Booth Close ball court

We’re also prosing to enhance the ball court near Booth Close, creating better facilities for basketball and 5-a-side football. We want to remove the internal fence and trim some of the trees and shrubs to open up the ball court, making it feel safer to use.


How the ball court currently looks

Have your say

Our consultation on these improvements has now closed. However you can still send us your views by contacting thamesmead.regen@peabody.org.uk.

You can also still look at our proposals in more detail.

What happens next

Subject to gaining planning permission, we’ll be able to start work on these projects early in 2017.

In the meantime we’re working with the Royal Borough of Greenwich to officially change the name of the wayleave path (also known as the Black Path), which runs alongside The Moorings, to Claridge Way after Ted Claridge (1925-2011) – a supporter of local organisations for more than three decades. This name was chosen by local residents at the Moorings Street Party in June.


The Moorings Street Party

As well as the re-naming we’re looking at installing new play equipment and other improvements along this route.

In the longer term we’ll also be looking at other changes such as improving the shopping area and canal at Arnott Close.

Friends of Tump 53

We recognise that Tump 53 is a great local asset that hasn’t been made the most of in recent times, and we want to work with the local community to find ways of ensuring it can be enjoyed by as many people as possible.

The first ever Friends of Tump 53 meeting was hed being held on 8 November. To find out about future meetings contact Kate Batchelor on 0203 828 4450 or kate.batchelor@peabody.org.uk.

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