General household noise is not anti-social behaviour.

What is general household noise?

People talking, walking about, doors and windows opening and closing, moving furniture around, washing machine, hoovering.

What can you do about General household noise?

When living in close proximity to your neighbours you will hear them from time to time and we expect everyone to show respect and tolerance towards each other. Unless the noise is considered to be the result of someone’s unreasonable behaviour, We will not act on this other than offer advice about how best to deal with it.

Try talking to your neighbours about your concerns. If you feel you can’t approach them, then please contact our Customer service team to request a ‘Dear Neighbour Card’ which you can post through your neighbour’s door. You can also download this here.

If you feel that the noise is excessive and at unreasonable hours, then please contact your local authority’s noise team. Their details can be found by visiting and doing a search using your postcode.