Working to keep you and your neighbourhood safe.

If you have any safety and security concerns, please contact us (Waltham Forest residents should continue to call 020 7922 8500 as usual). In an emergency, dial 999 (dial 101 for non-emergencies).

  • Antisocial behaviour (ASB)

    What antisocial behaviour is - and what we can do to help.

  • Domestic abuse

    Who to contact if you're experiencing domestic abuse, how we tackle this and which agencies we work with.

  • Tenant and family support

    Our Tenant and Family Support Team offers support and advice to tenants and families at risk of losing their tenancy.

  • Our wardens

    How our wardens help to reduce crime, fear of crime and improve community safety.

  • Mediation service

    How you may be able to resolve your ASB issue through mediation.

  • Illegal subletting

    Do you know anyone illegally subletting their home?