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Our Residents Council scrutinises and reviews services to ensure that we consult on all customer-facing policies.

The Council reviews service delivery, raises concerns and makes recommendations. It also oversees resident involvement across Peabody and can escalate issues from the regional forums. You can download the Council's Terms of Reference here (pdf, 80kb).

Meet members of our Residents Council

Join the Residents Council

We’re always looking for enthusiastic and engaged people to join the Council.
Council members will need to:

  • attend six core Residents Council meetings a year 
  • commit to working on scrutiny reviews up to four hours a month (depending on the review and level of involvement)
  • be objective about issues that affect residents across Peabody
  • have a positive attitude towards working with Peabody

Further details about the skills required can be found in the Skills and Training Matrix (pdf, 241kb).

Residents Council Scrutiny Report

Find out more

If you think you would like to be a Council member, or would like to know more, please contact us at You can also send us a message via this form:

About the Resident Scrutiny Panel

The Resident Scrutiny Panel was the predecessor to the Residents Council. They conducted a number of reviews over a three-year period:

  • Review of residents' experience of Peabody's antisocial behaviour service across the Community Safety and Neighbourhood teams (June 2016). Scrutiny review (437kb)
  • Review of Neighbourhood Managers and how they promote and Encourage Resident Involvement, Scrutiny review (pdf, 505kb)
  • Review of communication within the repairs process, Scrutiny review (pdf, 583kb)
  • Review of the Estate Controlled Environmental Improvement Budget (ECEIB)
    Scrutiny review (pdf, 418kb)