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Getting involved in local groups is a great way to contribute to the local community.

There are a number of ways that our residents are involved with us at a local level:

  • Community centre management groups
    These groups run a diverse programme of community activities which are open to the wider community. They also have responsibility for hiring out community space to other users.

  • Monitoring groups
    These are informal groups for residents who want to get together and discuss issues about their estate, or form a social group, without having to set up and administer a residents association.

  • Resident associations
    Resident associations are formal local groups that give a voice to residents in a particular neighbourhood. 
  • How we can help you set up a Residents Association (pdf, 3.5mb)
  • Regional forums
    Chairs from local resident associations meet quarterly at regional forums. They review local issues and escalate them if appropriate.

  • Walkabouts
    Residents can join their neighbourhood manager on regular walkabouts on their estate to check cleaning and maintenance is up to scratch and raise any issues.

Please contact us if you’d like to know more about any of the above.

Setting up a Resident Association

We can give practical advice about setting up recognised resident associations. We’ll also attend meetings to take part in discussions – when and if you want us to.

We offer training and funding as well as advice and guidance. There's also free use of Peabody premises (where available), administrative support, and an annual review of activities and accounts.

In return for our support, we ask that residents associations hold annual elections for committee members, produce annual accounts, agree a constitution and are open and fair.

To find out if there is a resident association near you – or to discuss setting one up – please contact us or your local neighbourhood manager.

Useful information

Guide to setting up a residents association (pdf, 3.5mb)

Recognising and supporting residents associations policy (pdf, 80kb)

Grants procedure (pdf, 126kb)

Annual review form (Word, 47kb)