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There are lots of options for Peabody tenants to pay rent: direct debit, allpay, credit, debit or swipe card.

Direct debit

This is the most convenient way to pay your rent. Please complete one of the following forms:


This payment system is used by more than 10,000 Peabody residents. How does allpay work?

  • Pay with allpay

    You'll need your Payment Reference Number (the 19-digit number on your rent card), and a credit or debit card.

Other ways to pay

  • Telephone using a debit or credit card
    Please call Peabody Direct on 020 7021 4444 or freephone 0800 022 4040 (mobile charges may apply) or our automated payment service on 0844 557 8321
  • SMS text message (takes you to the allpay website)
  • Swipe card use your swipe card at any Post Office or Paypoint outlet