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What they include, and how to query the amount.

Service charges for homeowners

Some tenancies involve a charge for services. This is for services on your estate which are not covered by your rent, such as:

  • caretaking
  • lifts
  • door entry phones
  • gardening in communal areas
  • lighting in communal areas
  • communal TV aerials

Service charges don't include services to individual homes, such as:

  • heating and hot water
  • lighting and water charges within your dwelling
  • TV licences. 

Tenant service charges are reviewed as a minimum every three years. Priority for reviews is given to estates with a larger difference between actual spend and budget, or those with more queries from tenants.

You have the right to see a summary of the costs that make up the bill. We do not make a profit on service charges and work to ensure that the charges are reasonable.

Querying your rent and service charges

Please follow the procedures below:

Step 1

Please contact us (if you're a secure tenant, check that you have not received a Rent Registration Letter, as this is not a rent increase).

Step 2

You can appeal to the Rent Assessment Committee (RAC).

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