Peabody residents talking at a table

This homeownership improvement action plan was created in partnership with our homeowners and focuses on the four key areas most in need of improvement.

Improvement area Actions Team Deadline Progress
Accountability Include a list of all repairs completed within the financial year in annual accounts. Service Charge team  30-09-17 For the next audit year
Post-inspection of all communal areas Create a report that picks up all communal repairs for every scheme. This will enable neighbourhood managers and surveyors to inspect on estate walkabouts. Homeownership team, IT & Neighbourhood Services  31-12-16  
Security Negotiate with contractors to ensure that major security breaches are all treated as emergencies. Head of Homeownership & Building Maintenance Manager  Ongoing  
Keeping residents informed Enhance the current text programme  to report that repairs are completed. Head of Homeownership & Building Maintenance Manager  Ongoing  
Managing expectations Publicise response times for communal works in e-newsletters. Homeownership team & Communications  31-12-16  
Understanding homeowners Run a number of training sessions for external contractors so they more fully understand homeowners and their expectations.
Homeownership team
 31-03-16 Training completed with Axis Contact Centre in November 15. To be fully rolled out once new contracts are in place.
Major works and S.20 process
  • Review communication sent to homeowners in relation to major works.

  • Work with asset management to ensure detailed surveys are completed prior to consultation.

  • Create a user-friendly guide explaining major works and the consultation process. To be published on the homeowner section of the website.

  • Create information sheet to be sent as a covering letter with formal notices.


Homeownership team, Asset Management, Service Charge team and Leasehold Compliance team

31-10-16 (except for Working with Asset Management which is 30-11-16)