Health and safety signs

We have fitted safety features on windows in our tenanted properties but accidents can still happen. Here's how to reduce the risks

Check your window restrictors

If your home has window restrictors to limit how far a window will open, make sure that that they are in good working order and always report defects to us promptly. Only release them when you clean your windows put them back into the correct safety position immediately afterwards

And please don’t release the restrictors and open windows to their full extent just to let more air into your home.

Keep windows closed

Some windows have safety locks to prevent them from being opened, except when being cleaned. Make sure that these types of windows are kept closed at all times when you're not cleaning them. They shouldn't be opened for ventilation and any key should be kept securely out of reach of children and vulnerable adults.

If you're a tenant and a repair is needed report it immediately and keep the window closed until the repair is completed.

Other ways to minimise risk

If you are a leaseholder, we suggest fitting restrictors or locks in homes above ground floor level. We also recommend that all our residents:

  • Reduce access to windows and balconies
    Children or vulnerable adults may be curious and unaware of danger so do not place furniture or stored items under windows or on balconies that may be used for climbing. Please also keep objects clear of windows and balconies for their safety.

  • Avoid leaving children alone or unattended at home

  • Don't tamper with any fitted window devices, bars etc

More information
If you have any questions about anything above or about window safety in general please contact XXX