Peabody estate row of windows

How to make your home more secure

Follow these steps to become less of a target for burglars:

  • Always secure windows and lock your doors when you go out. Mortise locks discourage burglars so it is a good idea to have them fitted to your front door
  • Have a chain fitted to your front door, particularly if you live alone (although not in sheltered housing)
  • Do not encourage the attention of thieves by having curtains drawn in the daytime, leaving notes for callers, or leaving your key under a mat or on a string inside the letter box
  • Do not leave the key in the lock or within sight of the door
  • When you go on holiday, cancel newspaper and milk deliveries. It is a good idea to give your holiday address to a trusted neighbour or the police
  • Never leave cash and valuables around
  • Lock up before you go to bed. Make sure that the windows are secure, especially those on the ground floor or those near drainpipes or flat roofs.

Home insurance

While we insure the building that you live in, this does not cover the contents of your home, your furniture and personal belongings, which are your own responsibility. We strongly recommend that you take out home insurance to protect your possessions.

Find out about our special insurance deal for residents