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How our welfare benefits advisors helped Mr F claim his long overdue State Pension payments.


Mr F lives in London EC1.

He was advanced in years when he came to us, and still working, but his health had started to fail and he didn't know how he could pay his bills without working. 

Mr F heard about Peabody's Welfare Benefits and Money Advice team and called to arrange an appointment. 

When we met with Mr F we took his income and age details and discovered that he had not made a claim for his State Pension (he was entitled to do this 17 years before he came to us).

Our advisor contacted the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and arranged for a form to be sent to Mr F where we helped him complete it. 

We also made an application on his behalf for Housing Benefit and Council Tax support.

The outcome was that Mr F was able to give up working at the tender age of 82 after receiving his pension entitlement.

This worked out to be approximately £17,000. 

Mr F advised us that he used this money to 'do up' his home and take a well-earned break in Australia to see members of his family.

Welfare benefits and money advice

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