Pot on gas ring - Peabody energy saving tips

Advice and tips on changing tariff or claiming benefits-linked payments.

The Home Energy Advice Team (HEAT) has helped hundreds of residents reduce their energy bills.

Below are some of their top tips. If you have any questions, or would like more advice, please contact the team via the form below: 

Tips on reducing your bills

  • The cheapest way to pay is by direct debit
    You'll normally get about a 5% discount. Energy companies have to use the Direct Debit Guarantee, which means they can’t take money out of your account without your permission. And if they want to change the amount you pay, they have to write to you first. 
  • Buying both gas and electricity from one company is the cheapest way to pay
    This is known as a "dual tariff".
  • Consider changing your tariff
    If you have a copy of your bills and you can get on the internet, then you can check how much you can save by visiting www.energyhelpline.com
  • Book your free home energy visit
    Contact Peabody HEAT — our Home Energy Advice Team — who can visit your home and help you switch. The team can also give you advice on using your heating and electricity more efficiently. 

Receiving benefits or Pension Credit?

You may be able to claim extra help towards the cost of your energy bills. These include (the links below go to government website):

Book your free home energy visit