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Need to report a repair?

Here's how to contact us

Telling us about your repair

You can report a repair to us by email, phone or online form.

You will need to provide us with your name, address and a contact telephone number. When you report your repair by phone we will also need to ask you some security questions to verify your identity.

Repair priorities

If the repair is our responsibility to fix (find out more here), it will be given a repair priority when you contact us, depending on how urgent it is. This priority is in line with those listed in the tenants handbook. We will allocate it to one of these two categories:

Emergency - made safe within 24 hours
These include work that affects the safety and security of you, your property or your possessions, including:

  • total loss of electricity or mains water
  • no heating or hot water (except during 1 May–31 Oct, when we aim to complete the repair within five working days)
  • backflow from a main drain
  • a blocked toilet if it is the only one in the property (we may charge you for this)
  • burst plumbing, if the flooding cannot be stopped by turning off the water
  • boarding up unsafe doors and windows

Please note that all emergency repairs must be reported by phone to ensure that we can respond promptly. Emergencies should not be reported through this website or by email.  For more vulnerable residents we can offer a fast repair service in some circumstances.

Routine - completed within 20 working days
These include:

  • minor repairs to a door-entry system or TV aerial
  • minor leaks and blockages
  • renewing a broken bath, basin or toilet
  • repairing or replacing sockets or light fittings
  • routine glazing (not double-glazed units)
  • replacing emergency boarding (we may charge you for this)
  • minor joinery repairs

Repair appointments

Appointment slots
We are able to offer repair appointments between 8am-6pm Monday to Friday and will allocate you a morning or afternoon slot.

We will not usually offer you an appointment slot if you are reporting a communal repair.

Booking your repair
For most repairs we will aim to make an appointment when you call. For some types of work we will ask the contractor to contact you and make the appointment directly with you. If you are unable to keep the appointment slot you have been offered, then please contact us to re-arrange this.

If the contractor cannot gain access they will leave a card informing you to rebook, the repair will be cancelled by our customer service.

If the repair contractor does not attend the appointment at the arranged time, please notify our customer service to follow up on the appointment. You may be able to claim compensation.

More things to bear in mind

  • You will be offered an appointment (unless the repair is to a communal area) so that our surveyors, repairs staff or contractors can visit and assess the work that needs to be carried out. If you do not allow us, or anyone employed by us, into your home after agreeing a time and date, we may take legal action to enter your home. We will charge you the cost of doing this.
  • Our staff and contractors will be polite and courteous when they arrive and will show you identification. If you are not sure who they are please contact our customer service for advice.
  • The contractor will tidy up after the repair and will be responsible for making good any disturbed decorations so that they are the 'closest match'. Please note we cannot guarantee that replacement components such as tiles will always match existing ones particularly where you have fitted your own.
  • You will be responsible for moving any furniture which will enable our contractors to access the area needed to carry out the repair. You will also need to lift and relay any carpet or laminate flooring fitted should this be required.

Please note that we may phone or visit you after the work is completed to ensure you were happy with the repair - this is part of our work to ensure that residents are

Tenants' repair responsibilities

As your landlord we are responsible for some repairs to your property; however some of these responsibilities are with you the resident. To get clarity, take a look at our table which specifies what you are responsible for:

Tenants' repair responsibilities (pdf, 215kb)

It includes information about:

  • blockages to a sink, toilet or bath, even if it is accidental
  • providing extra locks
  • repairing or replacing locks because of action by you, your family or visitors. This includes repairs or replacements because keys have been lost or stolen
  • any damage caused by the tenant, their  family or visitors
  • fitting door bells
  • plumbing or repairs to equipment such as washing machines and dishwashers
  • adapting inside doors to fit carpets
  • fitting draught excluders
  • replacing light bulbs, fluorescent strips and starters
  • fitting of toilet seats

If you, or a member of your household, have actually caused damage, the repair will be your responsibility. If we do carry out work, which may happen in an emergency or other exceptional situation, you will be charged for it.

Key worker and market rent residents' responsibilities

If you’re a key worker or rent from us at market rent rates, we’re responsible for keeping the structure and exterior of your premises in good repair and for ensuring that any installations we’ve provided are in working order.

External and structural repairs

Our repair responsibilities for market rent and/or key workers include:

  • drains, gutters and external pipes
  • the roof
  • outside walls, outside doors, window sills, window catches, sash cords and window frames including necessary external painting and decorating
  • communal area internal walls, floors and ceilings, doors and door frames, door hinges and skirting boards
  • chimneys, chimney stacks and flues (not including sweeping)
  • pathways, steps or other means of access
  • plaster work
  • integral garages and stores
  • boundary walls and fences excluding dividing fences between neighbours (please refer to the Building Maintenance Duty Surveyor for any additional clarity on ownership/responsibilities).
  • replacement of carpets and window coverings provided by us.

Leaseholder repairs

We don’t usually have any repair obligations for the interior of leaseholder properties. All obligations concerning repairs are laid out in your lease and you should always check this before contacting us about a repair.  

As a landlord, however, we are generally responsible for some repair and maintenance for the structure of the building, communal areas, and communal systems. These include repairs to:

The structure of the building

  • roof repairs
  • rainwater pipes and gutters
  • external drains
  • damp-proofing works
  • brickwork
  • floor joists

Communal systems 

  • door entry systems
  • district heating
  • communal TV aerials

Communal areas

If in doubt about who is responsible for what, please check your lease.


Our freeholders are generally responsible for all external and internal repairs to their homes/buildings.