Our cyclical home improvement works are carried out in our estates, neighbourhoods and, for some residents, inside their homes.

Our Quality Homes work

We’re investing millions of pounds in our Quality Homes programme to improve the interior of our properties.

Work will include kitchens, bathrooms, central heating systems, electrical wiring, the fitting of smoke alarms and fire doors.

Through the programme, we’ll also look at the exterior of our properties including repairing and painting windows, weatherproofing, decorating communal areas and other outside maintenance such as brickwork repairs.

Where the work will be done

The work we do will depend on the results of surveys we’re carrying out. As well as improvements to communal areas, if you’re a Peabody tenant it could also mean, for example, that: 

  • Your kitchen will be replaced if it’s more than 20 years old
  • Your bathroom will be replaced if it’s more than 30 years old

Please note that if you’re a leaseholder or freeholder, we won’t be doing any work to the interior of your property. We’ll write to you separately to tell you how/if you’ll be affected. You can also contact the rents and service charge team on rents.servicechargesteam@peabody.org.uk for more information.

Learn about planned improvements in your neighbourhood

Quality Homes in your neighbourhood

If major works are planned for your whole estate/neighbourhood, we’ll arrange a meeting before the work starts, so that you can meet our contractors, Vinci and Lakehouse, and Peabody staff. We’ll also keep you fully informed about what’s happening and when surveys are taking place. 

The contractors’ resident liaison officers will be your first point of contact once the Quality Homes programme begins. They’ll be able to assist you with any questions or problems you might have. 

Carrying out the work

While we’re doing this work we’ll ensure that your home is fully weather-tight and we’ll also carry out any health and safety works that are identified as being required.

We realise that carrying out this work may cause some temporary disruption, but we believe that you will be happy with the end result.

The Quality Homes programme is carried out in a continuous cycle, which means that you can expect us to re-assess and carry out necessary work every seven to eight years. 

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