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As part of our programme of improvements in The Moorings, we’re beginning a project to transform the arches along Byron Close.

The arches host various activities including a dance studio and a church and community spaces. There will be even more happening this year with a new gymnastics club is set to open soon and a new BMX track being set up by the Archway Project, on top of the existing operators.

In line with this, we’re beginning a project to transform the frontage along the arches and create and attractive and welcoming entrance to the arches.

Byron Close Arches

The project will transform the entrances to the arches

We’re working with Alphabetical, who previously designed signage for The Link Thamesmead, and we want your views on what this should look like.

Option 1 - Celebrating the everyday characters in Thamesmead

Creating portraits of local residents using different techniques, from graffiti knitting to plastic bottles. Click to view more.

Byron 1

Option 2 - Celebrating the different cultures that make Thamesmead special

Celebrating the different cultures in Thamesmead through using inspiring proverbs from different local community groups. Click to view more.

Byron 2

Option 3 - Celebrating Thamesmead's wildlife

Celebrating Thamesmead’s wildlife through concrete installations of animals and birds. Click to view more. Click to view more.

Byron 3

These pictures are just examples - whichever option we choose we’ll work with the local community to find people, proverbs or wildlife that best represent Thamesmead.

Have your say

We want to know what you think – contact Kate Batchelor on or 0203 828 4450 to tell us which is your favourite and why. We’re taking views until the end of Friday 27 January 2017.