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Residents will be able to move to brand new homes in South Thamesmead

Following extensive consultation with residents over the last twelve months the Peabody Board has given the go ahead for redevelopment of almost 600 homes in the Wolvercote Road area of South Thamesmead, with residents able to move to brand new homes in the area.

South Thamesmead consultation

The decision, which took account of the resident feedback and other factors such as cost and design, was supported by 83% of affected residents who engaged in the consultation.

About Wolvercote Road

The homes in Wolvercote Road area were among the first to be built in Thamesmead almost 50 years ago. As a result, the area has been in need of significant investment to improve living conditions for local people.

Keeping the community together

As part of the wider transformation of Thamesmead, more than 1,500 new homes are already being built in South Thamesmead through the Mayor of London’s Housing Zone programme.

The redevelopment of Wolvercote Road will see all current assured, social and secure tenants offered a move to these new developments, ensuring the existing community is kept together in high quality, well designed, safe and modern new homes.

We will also be providing opportunities for those resident homeowners affected to buy a new home within these developments, with assistance available to those unable to buy a new home outright.

A new village for South Thamesmead

What happens next?

The first homes new homes will be available from 2019, and we will be in touch with those affected in the coming months to discuss their requirements and the process for allocating new homes. The 596 homes in the Wolvercote Road area will be replaced with around 1,000 high-quality new homes and better designed public spaces.

Central Square
View of Central Square

Other changes in South Thamesmead

As part of our overall investment in South Thamesmead we have also written to residents in the nine towers in the Parkview area to confirm our plans for the refurbishment of these homes. Based on residents'  feedback, we will be making the homes warmer, more energy efficient and improve the way they look by:

  • Externally recladding the towers
  • Replacing the windows
  • Enclosing the balconies

We are also exploring options for the four towers in the Southmere area to make them warmer and more energy efficient, and will be kicking off a big investment in public areas across South Thamesmead this year.

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