Peabody in the news

Two relatives of George Peabody called into our London Office recently.


Mike Peabody (left above) and his son Carter (right) both live in the US and are descendants of one of the many cousins of George Peabody.

Mike first visited our head office during a trip to London back in 2011. On this latest visit, he brought his son along to meet Peabody staff for the first time. They were introduced to our CEO Brendan Sarsfield and Peabody historian Christine Wagg showed them some of the historical artefacts on display in our reception. Christine also took them on a tour of the nearby Blackfriars Estate where they admired the architecture of one of our earliest estates.

Mike and Carter very much enjoyed their visit and were pleased to learn more about the lasting work and legacy of their distant cousin. Mike said:

"I am deeply impressed by what Peabody has achieved ... I was not aware of the enormous amount of help you have given to your residents to improve their lives."