Peabody in the news

One of our customers in Kent talks about how our Home Improvement Agency made a difference following his stroke.

Sometimes people need a bit of support to help them stay in their own homes. Andy (right) found that he needed extra help after a stroke made independent living a challenge. He turned to our Home Improvement Agency (HIA) in Kent. "I got involved with Peabody," he said, "and the troops came in".Andy_HIA

Andy was recently given the opportunity to tell his story at a national conference organised by the Centre for Ageing Better, with special guest Nick Knowles. "I feel special that I can share my story to tell people how important these services are. It makes me feel very proud," Andy said.

You can listen to Andy in the video below and learn more about his experiences here.

  • Read the full report report from the Centre for Ageing Better,  including Andy’s story and others from our HIA in Kent.