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Over the past few years the Golden Girls club have knitted over 1,000 poppies to fundraise for war veterans

Margaret Vanstone and June White (below) are both members of the Golden Girls, a club for seniors that meets each week at Peabody’s Sundial Community Centre in Hackney. Both are keen knitters. Over the past few years they have made over 1,000 poppies to fundraise for the Veterans for War charity shop based in Romford.

poppies at sundialMargaret (left, above) with June

Margaret, who is in her 70s, has been knitting since she was six when she learned by watching her mother knit at home. Since retiring eight years ago, she has been an active member of the Golden Girls and its knitting club, making baby clothes, blankets and lots of other handmade creations. The club sets up stalls throughout the year to sell these hand-knitted items and money raised goes to different causes. A portion of the amount raised also goes towards a few special outings for the group including a Christmas meal and trip to see a show at the end of the year.

In addition to the money the Golden Girls raise themselves, the Sundial Centre helps to support the Golden Girls by covering the cost of their knitting.

Over 1,000 knitted poppies

A few years ago one of the other ladies from the club came in to the Sundial Centre wearing a knitted poppy. Margaret learned the pattern and "it quickly spiralled out of control". She remembers that "the Veteran groups sold them so quickly I just had to keep knitting them!". 

"Knitting the poppies has meant doing something that has so much meaning," Margaret says. "Also, because I’ve joined a group like the Golden Girls, there's a lot of camaraderie. It’s got so much heart, it's a bit of fun. And then at the end of the year when you’re all done, you can say, I was part of that."

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