Peabody in the news

Anya Martin, a Research and Public Policy Officer here at Peabody, has just won an award for her work looking at the impact of social housing on childhood development.

A new competition was launched this year for researchers who are beginning their career in the housing sector: the Thinkhouse Early Career Researcher’s Prize. We're delighted to report that Anya Martin (below), a Research and Public Policy Officer who graduated in 2014, has just been named the inaugural winner of this prize.

Anya's paper, "The impact of social housing on child development outcomes", compares the mental, emotional and behavioural development of children living in social housing with those living in private rented housing in England.

anya final
Prizewinner Anya Martin

Using a technique called regression analysis, Anya used data from the Millennium Cohort Study, an ongoing study tracking the lives of 19,000 children born in 2000-01. She discovered that there is no evidence of a negative or positive tenure effect from social housing and her paper puts forward possible explanations for this result.

Anya, 26, who grew up in social housing herself is passionate about her subject. "I take personal offence when people say social housing has a negative impact on your growing up," she says.

Feedback from judges

The judges were unanimous in their selection of Anya’s paper as the winner. Stephen Aldridge, Director of Analysis and Data at the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) was one of the six judges. He said that he could envisage this as the kind of report that could be used to aid policymaking at the MHCLG.

Another judge, Professor Ken Gibb, Professor in Housing Economics at the University of Glasgow, was impressed at the use of cohort study data. He said the research findings "should be a warning to policymakers not to make simplistic assumptions."