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More than 800 people came along to our free Jobs and Apprenticeship Fair this week

The Fair, the fourth we’ve held over the past two years, took place at our Darwin Court Centre in London SE17. There were 1000 apprenticeships on offer at the event and 40 employers came along.

"I'd like to go again"


Student Honey – left, above, with her friends Tishanna, centre, and Hannah – is in Year 12 at college in Woolwich. She went along to find out about her career options. She said: "There are lots of people here, a mix of recruiters. It's good to find out about lots of work you can do in one room. It's refreshing.

Her friend Tishanna added: "They asked for our details so we could get work experience. I’d recommend it. I’d like to go again."

"Really worthwhile"

Lorna Fraser (right below) is Southwark Council's Apprenticeships and Pathways Manager. As an employer, she thought the Fair was really worthwhile.

AJF-Southwark Council

"We come every year and it’s fabulous." she told us. "Today is particular amazing - we’ve seen over 300 people. I look forward to the next one."


Melissa Pamuk (right above) and Tania Excell (second right), represented London's Hairdressing Apprenticeship Academy and London's Beauty Training Academy. They were also really pleased they went along this week.

"It was brilliant for us - really successful. We've been able to give out lots of information and give support. We’ve had applications for 20 apprenticeships."

Employment and training at Peabody

Gallal Muflahi, Apprenticeship Coordinator at Peabody said: "I'm pleased that so many people turned out. It was great to see lots of employers from different sectors – from construction to logistics to hairdressing."

Peabody's Director of Community Programmes, Veronica Kirwan, was delighted with how the day went. I'm so pleased that so many people were able to join us today. Good luck to everyone applying for an apprenticeship!"

Apprenticeships Coordinator Gallal Muflahi (left) with Peabody's Director of Community Programmes, Veronica Kirwan

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