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We continue to raise awareness of the problems too much noise can cause

This is Noise Action Week, something we at Peabody care strongly about.

As well as providing general telephone support and advice to our residents, we've created our own noise nuisance procedure to help investigate cases (find out more here). We've also produced a noise nuisance booklet (pdf, 108kb).

Employee resources

All our Neighbourhood Managers have been given noise nuisance training to help them manage cases effectively. We also offer a mediation service to help the person making the noise (the perpetrator) and the recipient reach a mutually acceptable and agreed resolution. As well as all this, we have staff who are training for an MSc in Environmental and Architectural Acoustics which means that they can offer specialist advice.

Having a problem with noise? Here's what else we can do

We have duties and powers which allow us to deal efficiently with reports of noise affecting our residents. If we assess a noise as being unreasonable, we can:

  • Encourage the perpetrator to change their behaviour (for example, sending warning letters, creating acceptable behaviour contracts).
  • Work with the police and local authority to issue notices, seize any equipment and/or prosecute if a notice is breached.

We understand how noise nuisance can adversely your life, that's why we take it so seriously. Our antisocial behaviour policy (pdf, 137kb) reflects how much we prioritise this issue and sets out how we will investigate cases of noise disturbance.

Further information

If you are a Peabody resident who is currently experiencing problems with noise in your neighbourhood, please contact Peabody Direct. 

About Noise Action Week
This is a nationwide campaign that supports common sense solutions to local noise disturbance. It is co-ordinated by Environmental Protection UK, a voluntary organisation which has been working for a cleaner, quieter, healthier world since 1898.