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Please ensure that your home is smoke-free and your pets are under control during appointments with our employees or contractors.

Our employees and contractors are here to help you; whether it’s Axis contractors carrying out a repair on your home or staff from our Tenant and Family Services team visiting our most vulnerable and at-risk residents.


The law requires us to protect our staff and any contractors working for us from second-hand smoke while they are at work – including when they visit your home. This means that they can refuse to carry out services in your home if you smoke during their visit or the air is still polluted by smoke.

If we’ve made an appointment for a Peabody employee or contactor to visit you in your home, we ask you to ensure your home is smoke-free and not to smoke (including e-cigarettes or vaping) during our visit.

We also ask that if you keep a pet, that it is kept under control and does not cause a nuisance to any Peabody employees or contractors in your home.

Thank you for your cooperation.