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How our teams are helping you to stay safe in your home.

The terrible fire at Grenfell Tower in west London has shocked us all and our thoughts are with all those affected. We continue to offer our support to the local community.

As this subject is understandably of concern to many people, we thought it would be helpful to summarise the work our teams do around fire prevention and safety.

Fire Risk Assessments

Our dedicated Fire Risk Assessment Team constantly assesses our properties - working with partners to ensure compliance and best practice - through a planned programme of regular site visits and policy and procedure reviews. All of our Fire Risk Assessments are up to date and any remedial actions are managed through an ongoing programme of works in priority order, based on risk.

We routinely define all of our high-rise buildings as high risk, and carry out fire risk assessments annually to ensure that the fire precautions remain at a suitable and sufficient standard.

Extra inspections

Since Wednesday 14 June the team has been carrying out extra inspections of high-rise buildings, reviewing and assessing evacuation policies, and checking access for emergency vehicles.

Evacuation plans

In the main entrance to your building there will be a blue and white Fire Action Notice. It will tell you whether a 'Stay Put' or simultaneous evacuation policy is appropriate for your block, depending on its design.

  • The London Fire Brigade explain this policy here  

Safety in your home

Your flat should be fitted with a smoke detector. If you don’t have one, please contact Peabody Direct. Keep corridors, escape routes and staircases clear so that people can escape and the emergency services can get in to the building if they need to.