Peabody in the news

We have a new Chief Executive following our merger with Family Mosaic on 3 July

Brendan Sarsfield, pictured below, has taken over from Stephen Howlett who retired  after 13 years. Brendan was previously Chief Executive of Family Mosaic (from 2006) and before that he was Chief Executive of Mosaic Homes. Brendan has spent his whole career in housing. We talk to Brendan below.

Brendan Sarsfield, Peabody's CEO

Tell us a bit about yourself...
I was born in Romford, to Irish parents. My mum was a nurse and dad was a forklift driver. My mum recently had her 90th birthday.  

I left Romford to go to university, but I’ve only been out of London for about four years of my life.

How did you get into housing?
I trained as a civil engineer but I've worked in housing for my entire career. I really wanted to work with people and I thought that the housing sector would be the perfect combination of property and people.

I started at the bottom of the ladder, with my first job in income collection, before becoming a housing assistant and then a housing officer. I didn’t expect back then that I’d get to be where I am today.

My career took off when I joined a housing association from a local authority in 1988. I found that housing associations had the ability to do things, not just to talk about them. We can talk about helping those who need homes and also get up and do something about it, and that's a wonderful thing.

What are your ambitions for the merged Peabody?
This is simple:

  • Improve services and existing homes
  • Build more homes, and
  • Help communities help themselves

Within the new Peabody I'd like us to become better listeners to residents and communities and have our plans built around what they say rather than ourselves.

Other than housing, what are you passionate about?
My family: I have four grown-up daughters, a wife and two dogs. The dogs get me up early and out in the park and, although they have left home, the kids keep me awake at night.

Music: I've always been a lover of music. I collect records and CDs, and I've got Spotify too. I walk around with my head phones on but thankfully not singing along.

Sport: But mainly from my armchair. I have recently joined a gym but I'm not confident I will still be a member by the time this is published.