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Children go head to head to celebrate wellbeing, as well as competing with various schools.

Darwin Court hosted yet another swimming gala on Tuesday, 11 of July. Forty-five children from nine local schools participated on the day. Parents and teachers were there too to watch and support the event.

Angela Wilson, ex-Olympic swimmer, presented the medals and trophies.

The gala went very well; everyone involved had big smiles on their faces!

Darwin Court gala
                  Angela Wilson (centre) with children from local school

Angela said: “I had a brilliant day at Darwin Court. It is fantastic to see children taking such an enthusiastic role in swimming and improving their personal wellbeing. It is lovely that Darwin Court organised the gala and is promoting this lifesaving skill to children.”

Miss Joy Akpojotor, Head of PE at English Martyrs Primary School said:
"This was a super day for all the kids and all the staff. The school got quite a few medals and we are so pleased that Darwin Court holds the gala annually. It provides something new and exciting for the kids and parents too. Well done to all of them!”

Darwin Court gala1

Darwin Court gala2

Darwin Court swimming academy

A recent gala at Darwin Court showcased the skills of the swimming academy. The Darwin Court Healthy Living Swim Team organised the event to promote wellbeing within the community: encouraging healthy living and life-saving skills for the children. It also gave the children an opportunity for the children to demonstrate their swimming skills in a competitive environment.



The gala was a great success and it received lots of positive feedback. Julia Rose-Weir, Centre and Services Manager said: "Everyone put in a lot of effort and made sure it ran smoothly. Seeing all the children with their smiling faces in the pool, trying their best, was a lovely feeling. It was a great day. Everybody was happy and this created a fantastic atmosphere."

Alex Reeve, Regional Director for Care and Support, handed out medals to the swimmers afterwards. This was followed by a well-earned post-gala buffet and gift bags for everyone who attended.



The Darwin Court Pool

The 15m pool at the centre is ideal for teaching swimming to students of any ability and for the last two years the swimming program has grown dramatically. On a weekly basis  lessons are provided to 15 local schools, some of which are for special needs and disabled children. There is also an after-school swimming academy, for students from 4 years old to adults.

In total around 500 children are being taught at the pool every week. There are also different activities such as Aqua Fit, classes for babies and parents and family fun sessions.

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