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The safety of our residents is our highest priority and we continue to work in partnership with the Fire Service and other authorities, to make sure our homes are safe and secure.

As a result of the Grenfell Tower fire, we have taken some actions to help keep our residents safe:

  • We have written to residents living in high-rise buildings to explain how we manage fire safety where they live.
  • We have reviewed our process for Fire Risk Assessments and any outstanding works have been completed for our high-rise blocks.
  • All our Fire Risk Assessments are up to date and we have been working with partners to identify properties at risk, test the materials and take action where needed.
  • Where we have identified any issues in the buildings we own, we have put emergency monitoring and additional fire safety measures in place. Where buildings do not belong to us, we are working closely with the building owners to ensure that appropriate measures are being taken to ensure resident safety.
  • Where our buildings have cladding which does not meet current fire regulations, it has been or is being removed and we are carrying out a programme of works to replace it. 

fire safety

Staying Safe

We have robust measures in place to protect every one living in our properties. Our dedicated fire risk assessment team constantly assess our properties through a planned programme of regular site visits and procedure reviews. We also work with expert partners to ensure compliance and best practice.

Evacuation plans

In the main entrance to your building there will be a blue and white Fire Action Notice. It will tell you whether a 'Stay Put' or simultaneous evacuation policy is appropriate for your block, depending on its design.

  • The London Fire Brigade explain this policy here.

Safety in your home

Your home should be fitted with a smoke detector. If you don’t have one, please contact Peabody Direct. Keep corridors, escape routes and staircases clear so that people can escape and the emergency services can get in to the building if they need to.