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Some reminders and tips about using lifts safely.

Our residents' safety is paramount. If your building has a lift, here are some tips to help you to stay safe.

  • Entering and exiting – watch your step as the lift may not be level with the ground. Keep away from the lift door as much as possible.
  • Children and pets – children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult at all times. Hold their hands for the duration of the ride to prevent them from placing their hands on the lift door. Pets should be kept on a leash in a lift.
  • Opening the lift door – if the door is closing, press the call button or door open button. Don't prevent closure by putting arms or legs in the way.
  • Getting stuck – if this happens, press the lift alarm button and wait for instruction from the lift service centre. Don’t attempt to open the doors yourself.

Lift safety-s

Please remember: exceeding lift capacity can cause problems, so if a lift is full, please wait for the next one to come along. Importantly, do not use a lift if there is an emergency (such as a fire).

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