Peabody in the news

Our Group Impact Report shows the difference we're making in our communities.

We've just published our second annual Group Impact Report. This report showcases all the excellent work that we've done during 2015-16 to help our communities flourish.

community impact

More than bricks and mortar

We're about far more than bricks and mortar: we want to provide opportunities for people to make the most of their lives and help create communities that thrive. Some of the highlights from the latest report show that we've:

  • Supported 1,084 Londoners into work
  • Assisted our Young Leaders and Ambassadors to help over 1,100 people across London
  • Provided 147 apprenticeships
  • Delivered 44,608 hours of free activities at our community spaces

The work we do goes beyond our legal requirement as a landlord and we're proud of our achievements – from the  pioneering work at our Pembury Children's Community to our Young Leader's and Ambassadors programme which has recently received a Community Impact Award (below).

Award for our Young Leaders and Ambassadors programme

We have received a Community Impact Award in the Investing in People category for our Young leaders and Ambassadors programme. This programme gives young people the opportunity to grow, personally and professionally, through delivering projects within their local communities.

Learm more about the Young Leader's Programme

We set this programme up to give young people the skills and confidence they need to succeed, and to help them make a difference in their communities.  
Since the programme started:

  • 90 young people have delivered projects that have benefitted over 1,100 people across London
  • 22 have delivered projects that have helped them develop their own social enterprises
  • 24 took part in Peabody Ambassador training and formed the first Peabody Youth Board