Peabody Volunteer Awards 2016

We are celebrating the biggest achievements made by our most dedicated volunteers.


The countdown has begun; our annual Volunteer Awards is taking place on Tuesday 18 October 2016.

Nominations are now open for you to vote which Peabody volunteer(s) you feel have made an outstanding contribution to your community, whether through their support or simply their ability to inspire something in others.


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How to nominate

We welcome nominations from all Peabody residents and volunteers.

You can nominate as many volunteers as you'd like for each of the following awards by Wednesday 21 September. (you can include the same person in more than one category). When submitting your nomination(s), please provide the following information:

  • The name of the volunteer you'd like to nominate
  • The reason for your choice

To help our judges come to a decision, make sure you provide a thorough description of why the volunteer(s) are worthy winners.


  • Dynamic Young Leader

    Recognising a young person (or a group of young people), who, through their involvement with Peabody, has influenced or inspired others in their communities.

    These individuals will have shown leadership by creating opportunities and educating their peers.

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  • Significant Personal Achievement

    Celebrating a volunteer who has overcome significant personal difficulties to volunteer with Peabody and has made a big impact as a result.

    This could be someone who has gained confidence, found a new path in life or has shown great courage or determination.

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  • Enterprising Communities

    Recognising the contributions of volunteers, whether they're from our community partner organisations, occasional volunteers, management committees residents.

    They will have enhanced their communities by supporting others, or they may have supported an activity which has a positive impact.

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  • Lifetime Achievement

    Recognising a truly exceptional volunteer who has gone above and beyond what is expected of them to make a difference to Peabody's work or to other people's lives over the last year.

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  • Volunteer Group of the Year

    A volunteer group or committee who has brought communities together in a new way, for example through intergenerational work, volunteering or cultural integration.

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  • Volunteer of the Year

    The panel of independent judges will choose the "Volunteer of the Year" from all the nominations submitted.

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Nominations by post

You can send your nominations by post to:

Yolanda Sissing
c/o Peabody
45 Westminster Bridge Road
London SE1 7JB

The deadline to submit postal nominations is Monday 19 September.

The final decision will rest with our panel of independent judges who will decide the winners. All volunteers who attend our Volunteer Awards event will receive a certificate for their commitment.


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Further information 

If you have any questions or you'd like more information about the nominations, please email Yolanda Sissing at