Get Online Week: Arthur Mills and daughter Sue

Why Arthur, aged 87, is a big fan of online life.

Each year, Get Online Week (17-23 October 2016) inspires around 50,000 people throughout the country to give the internet a go.

Peabody resident Arthur Mills is an 87-year-old former cab driver from Islington in North London. He's a big fan of online life, so much so that he's set to star alongside daughter Sue in this year's Get Online Week campaign. The campaign encourages people to get online and see how it can make life easier, cheaper, and more fun. We are calling for more volunteers with IT skills to come forward to help people like Arthur get online.

Arthur and Sue's story

Arthur and Sue (seen below) volunteered to take part in the campaign, but still couldn’t quite believe it when the organisers, tech-for-good charity Tinder Foundation called up to tell them they were going to be models, and then invited them to a professional photoshoot.

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Arthur said:
"I can’t believe I'm the face of a national campaign, I never thought I'd be a model. I used to be a very shy person, but I’ve got over that, you see. I think everybody ought to learn how to use the internet, and if I can teach someone, it’s fantastic. I love it.

"I honestly think that Sue introducing me to the internet has given me extra life, I’m convinced of that. I don’t think I’d be around by now if I didn’t have that, I really don't.

"We text each other, email, WhatsApp messages. And about once or twice a week maybe, Sue and I Skype. So that’s just like being in the same room. We're in touch all the time, now."

Sue, Arthur's daughter (left above), said:
"I don’t know if I’d have been able to move out of London if I thought I couldn’t be in touch with Dad like this. We’ll literally talk about what we’re watching on telly, the football results, or we’ll take pictures of what we’re doing and send them.

"Dad says the technology makes it feel like we are together - even when we’re 200 plus miles away!”

Watch Arthur and Sue's video about Get Online Week

Veronica Kirwan, Peabody Director of Community Investment, said:
"Being online and digitally confident has never been more important, so we're delighted to support the national Get Online Week. Anyone can come along to our free digital courses at Peabody community hubs in London.

"Whether you want to improve your computer and online skills, or volunteer your time to help others boost their skills, we want to hear from you."

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About Tinder Foundation

Tinder Foundation is the organisation behind the national network of UK online centres and annual Get Online Week campaign. Tinder Foundation is a charity which supports digitally and socially excluded people to improve their lives through digital.

Helen Milner, Chief Executive of Tinder Foundation, said:
"Arthur is just a brilliant advert for getting online because he’s just having so much fun with it. It’s impossible not to let that enthusiasm rub off on you!

"Hopefully people will see his poster and be inspired to follow in Arthur's footsteps."

For more information

To find out more, please email or call 0800 587 8215. You can also visit to find out about events taking place across London.