A new live/work facility in Hackney Wick for London’s creative and technology entrepreneurs.

London is one of the world’s most desirable destinations to start and grow a business.

However, the rapidly rising costs of housing and office space pose a serious challenge for new entrepreneurs seeking to base themselves in the city.

If rents continue to rise at current rates, there is a risk that London’s thriving startup and creative ecosystem will cease to exist.

That would be a disaster for London’s long-term economy and culture...

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...Introducing Fish Island Village

Peabody and The Trampery are setting out to address this challenge with a new kind of integrated development that offers entrepreneurs:

  • a place to live
  • a place to base their business
  • access to shared facilities
  • support to grow their business

The project is being developed on a six-acre site in Hackney Wick, East London, under the name Fish Island Village.

As Charles Armstrong, founder of The Trampery said, "As one of London’s most creatively vibrant neighbourhoods Hackney Wick is a perfect location."

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Representatives from Peabody and the Trampery at the Fish Island Village site

Key information

1) The Mayor of London Boris Johnson has allocated £7.3m that will help to deliver 580 new homes on the site - to rent and buy.

2) Fish Island Village will feature around 5,300 sq m of commercial space...

3) ...of which 4,500 sq m will be operated by The Trampery as workspaces, a fabrication workshop, a theatre and a bar-restaurant.

4) Overall the site will support more than 500 jobs in technology and creative businesses.

Work is due to start on-site in Summer 2016.

Fish -island -development -team -1
Dale Meredith (Peabody), Charles Armstrong (The Trampery), Jake Brodetsky (Peabody)

Providing inspiration for the future

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson said: "This scheme truly rethinks the concept of how people live and work and could be replicated both in London and in other major cities across the UK and beyond."

Stephen Howlett, Chief Executive of the Peabody Group said: "We are very excited about the potential for this unique partnership with The Trampery, to engage the local creative community while providing much needed affordable housing.

"This landmark agreement demonstrates our shared commitment to creating opportunities for Londoners, by providing buildings and spaces that are a springboard for innovation and growth."

Supporting the tech and creative industries

Charles Armstrong (The Trampery) said:

"London’s rich fabric of creativity and innovation is a vital part of the city’s character and a foundation for its economic future.

"Peabody is a dream partner with their commitment to a social mission and their concern for high quality architecture and environments.

"We look forward to working with them to establish Fish Island Village as a vital component of London’s entrepreneurial community."

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