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Peabody home buyer Alix Kelly is very happy with her East End home.


Buying a shared ownership home in Peabody's Upton Village development (built on the site of the former Plaistow Hospital in Newham) was the route young buyer Alix took to buy her first home in London.

A competition was launched back in 2012 to design the affordable homes at Plaistow Hospital. The aim of the contest was to celebrate 150 years of the Peabody Trust and was appropriately called '150 Homes for 150 Years'.

PCKO Architects won and delivered designs that have achieved a real sense of community and a place where people want to live. Their design was in fact short-listed for a Housing Design award in 2013.

Location and process

Having already rented in the area, first-time buyer Alix was well aware of the benefits of living in Newham, including transport links that take her from home to work in 40 minutes.

She bought a 50% share in her Peabody home after having been turned down by three housing associations because of salary restrictions.

Moving in in November last year she says she "...felt instantly at home, it felt like exactly somewhere I should live".

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