Young Ambassadors

Ellie McLean, Peabody Hill resident, talks about what she and other young ambassadors have learned about George Peabody following their trip to the US.

Before coming to America, most of us associated the name Peabody with our housing association. This trip has opened our eyes on who George Peabody was and the amazing things he did in both London and the US.

George Peabody drawing

George Peabody, above, invested millions of dollarsĀ in education, museums, libraries and housing focusing on those from low income backgrounds. He was a great philanthropist and his influence is still felt today.

He has inspired and motivated us to make changes within our community and realise that actions that may seem small can actually have a snowball effect. In the future this can benefit millions of people. "It was George Peabody who taught the world how a man might be a master of his fortune not a slave", said William Gladstone, British Prime Minister.

Here are some more reflections on George Peabody from members of our Youth Board:

"He was a very famous philanthropist and donated a lot of money to museums and libraries." Chioma

"George Peabody provided a pathway for other benefactors such as John D Rockefeller & Carnegie, as a result of this his work inspired other successful businessmen." Emmanuel

"I learnt that no matter how rich you are you always have to give back to the community and always be humble." Adam

"George Peabody was a selfless and humble guy. I don't know if I could ever be as generous as he was." Gloria

"He was very into the importance of education." Johanna

"He invested in the youth as he knew they are the leaders of tomorrow." Tosin

"He held the first youth conference addressing around 1400 students." Danielle

"He supported the poor and thought about the future generations and how he could support them." Ahmed

"George Peabody helped pull England out of economic depression and founded things that enabled disadvantaged people to develop themselves in order to have a better future." Ellie