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Our second Big Energy Saving Week article looks at the things that are costing you money, without your knowledge.


Something that might not have occurred to you is the effect the placement of appliances or controls can have on your monthly energy bills...

The case of the mysterious boiler switch-off

Miss A of SE28 found her boiler was switching itself off at odd times. As well as leaving her home cold, it was wasting energy and money by switching on and off.

A visit to Miss A's home by the Peabody Home Energy Advice team revealed that, because the thermostat had been installed over her gas cooker, it was switching itself off when she cooked and the hobs underneath warmed up.

The team arranged for her thermostat to be moved.

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The case of the rising gas bills

The gas bill of Mr K, EC1Y mysteriously rose and his attempts to get his energy supplier to investigate it were unsuccessful.

The Home Energy Advice team took up his case and discovered that a previous energy supplier had been reading his meter incorrectly. This mistake had been passed on when he switched providers.

The team made sure that all of the tenant’s previous suppliers re-adjusted their billing and gave appropriate rebates for overpaid gas bills. Mr K's refunds have amounted to over £250.

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Bonus advice: Storage heaters video

This video contains advice on how to save money and energy by using your storage heater correctly:

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