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Peabody volunteers venture out of the office for this year's Winter Warmers visits.

Winter is well and truly upon us and, in an effort to reach out to our older residents, 250 Peabody employees have been taking part in this week's Winter Warmers programme.

This year we visited 1,400 residents across London, all aged 75 or over, and as usual, we've gained as much out of the visits as we hope our residents do.

As well as checking on residents’ wellbeing and offering practical advice on heating their home effectively we've also been raising awareness of Peabody’s free Home Energy Advice Service which can save residents as much as £150 each year.

Making a difference

Peabody’s Executive Director of Housing, Sandra Skeete said: "It was a pleasure meeting many of our residents.

"Our Winter Warmers visits are there to make sure our older residents are not only coping with the additional pressures of winter but making sure they are happy and safe.

"Residents find comfort in the knowledge that someone is looking out for them and feel confident that the help and support is there should any issues arise.

"Staff get involved from across the organisation and really enjoy making a difference."

Know an elderly Peabody resident? Book a free home energy visit for them.

Looking out for our older residents

81-year-old, Mrs Alice 'Bonnie' Branton, who has been living in a Peabody property for the past 60 years said: "I really enjoy living on the estate – I have lived in our lovely family home for 60 years with my son who was brought up here. 

"I have just lost my husband of 61 years but it's nice to know I have my family and friends looking out for me. 

"Not everyone does and that is what’s nice about Peabody’s Peabody -resident -winter -warmers -2015Winter Warmers – knowing someone, somewhere is looking out for their older residents.

"That and knowing they are there to help give advice should we need it."

Maria Lenzi, 85 (pictured right) is another resident we visited: "I have lived here for 40 years. I brought up my family here and really like it, especially the view. I haven’t left the house since I fell and hurt my leg a few years ago.

"My daughter visits twice a week, but it is nice receiving other visitors. Sandra has been lovely – and knowing people are looking out for me is a nice feeling. More people need to look out for older people."

Thamesmead Winter Warmers

Mrs Jean Bailey, also 85, said: "I love Thamesmead – I brought up my three children here, two of which still live nearby.

"I especially love the people and the houses. Visits like this, where they give residents tips for winter, shows they really do care. Even if I was offered a nice little cottage somewhere I wouldn’t move."

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According to Age UK’s 2011-14 impact report, 4.5 million older people in the UK are in fuel poverty, with cold homes costing the NHS £1.36bn and leading to 25,000 excess winter deaths.

Know an elderly Peabody resident? Book a free home energy visit for them.