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A Thamesmead literacy project is looking for volunteers.

Want to empower parents to support their child’s literacy skills? Through activities such as reading, singing, nursery rhymes, drawing and crafts? 

One in four London children leave primary school with a lower than average reading ability

You'll volunteer with families with children aged 2–5, helping them discover the joys of books. You'll receive full training from the National Literacy Trust, and you can choose accredited training as part of the offer. 

You'll also be trained to identify any additional support families may need. For example with employment or training, financial advice, wellbeing, or directing them to local agencies. 

Plus you'll receive support from Trust Thamesmead during your volunteering.

About the project

Early Words Together is led by Trust Thamesmead in partnership with National Literacy Trust and Save the Children.

The project is part of our drive to improve literacy during a child’s first years of development. This can significantly increase cognitive abilities and language skills for later in life. 

Find out more

Contact Sarah Feleppa, Trust Thamesmead, on 020 8320 4490 or email