How swift, effective work avoided a potential loss of life, and safeguarded residents against carbon monoxide poisoning.

Following an alert from a carbon monoxide detector, a resident contacted CBHA, a Peabody subsidiary. CBHA arranged for PGM, the repairs contractor, to come and check. A contractor visited the property and confirmed the report, but couldn’t find the source of the leak.

CBHA authorised PGM to conduct a carbon monoxide test in a nearby house belonging to a freeholder.  After gaining entry, a high carbon monoxide reading was confirmed. The fault was found in the boiler, which was “capped” (switched off).

None of the family members from either property had experienced side effects. However, the incident underlines the importance of annual testing and servicing of gas appliances. It also shows why installing carbon monoxide alarms is so important.

How to choose a carbon monoxide alarm

Gas safety checks: tenants

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Gas safety checks: homeowners

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