Claire Bennie has been named on a list of the 500 most influential and inspiring people in Britain today.

The annual Debrett’s list covers 24 categories across society including architecture, politics, sport, journalism, advertising, food and education.  

Claire, who is a qualified architect, has been recognised for her work leading our development programme of over 8,000 new homes across London, and is described as "the most significant commissioner of work for emerging architects". 

Claire pictured with 300 'Small Projects Panel' submissions

She joins HRH The Prince of Wales, Doreen Lawrence OBE, and Stephen Hawking on the list, which has been compiled by Debrett’s in consultation with expert practitioners and commentators in each of the categories. 


"To be recognised as influential is a very great honour and of course is only possible with the imaginative support of other influential people, and a great team," says Claire.

Peabody Avenue
Peabody Avenue (photo by Haworth Tompkins, the development's architect)

"To work at Peabody is to stand on the shoulders of giants. George Peabody’s original legacy for the poor of London is a gift that continues to give today. We have a duty to make wise, long-term and innovative decisions, and to create beautiful places and thriving communities.  

"I am incredibly grateful not only to Peabody, but also to its Board and Executive who allow me the freedom to promote and commission great architecture.

The Plaistow Hospital development includes the refurbishment of five Victorian buildings

"I also owe a great debt to Steve Proctor and Andrew Matthews who likewise gave me an unparalleled opportunity 15 years ago to be project architect for 200 homes at the ground-breaking Greenwich Millennium Village. 

"London desperately needs more homes and Peabody is now adding 1,000 more each year, skilfully designed by our most thoughtful architect collaborators."