Did you know that water companies are installing water meters in every home between now and 2020?

That means you'll eventually be charged for the exact amount of water you use.

Even without a water meter you may be paying extra on your fuel bills, for things like hot showers, baths and boiling the kettle.

The home energy advice service have compiled the following tips to help you save money and water:

  • If there are more bedrooms than people living at your home, you may save money by getting a water meter installed. 
    More about water meters and how to apply
  • Try to keep your hot showers to under 5 minutes, so you pay less for heating the water
  • Try to take showers rather than baths (they use less water)
  • Set your washing machine to wash at 30° rather than 40°, and try to only do a wash when the machine is full
  • When boiling your kettle, only boil the water you need. A full kettle takes longer to boil and costs more

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