We've changed our banding priorities

We've been finding it increasingly difficult to meet the demand for transfers. There are currently 1,600 residents on the waiting list but we were able to move only 145 households last year.

Changes to resident banding priorities

We've decided to change our banding priorities to focus on those residents with the most urgent housing needs. From now on, there will be nine bands — A1 (highest priority) to A9 (lowest priority). There is an additional band, F, which is for older people’s housing and is unaffected by the policy change.

Applicants in bands A1–A3 are assessed by the Priority Move Panel, a group of senior Peabody staff. Applicants in the remaining bands are assessed by us according to overcrowding or underoccupancy criteria, or medical needs.

BandReason for transfer
(highest priority)
Decant (temporary). This is where a resident must be moved because the property requires major work
A2 Decant (permanent). See above


  • Emergencies such as domestic violence or ASB, where the resident’s safety or wellbeing is under threat.
  • Medical priority 1, where the resident’s health could be permanently damaged if they’re not rehoused
A4 Severely overcrowded households – 2 or more bedrooms
A5 Under-occupying successors or someone with an additional right to a tenancy following the death of the tenant
A6 Under-occupation affected by the Welfare Reform Act (also known as the bedroom tax)
A7 Medical priority 2, referred by Tenant and Family Support Team, where the resident’s quality of life will be significantly reduced if they’re not rehoused
A8 Under-occupation by 2 or more bedrooms for those not affected by the Welfare Reform Act

(lowest priority)

  • New Generation lets, where a family member aged 18 or over may be offered a bedsit or 1-bedroom flat if the household is overcrowded by 2 or more bedrooms
  • People moving on from supported housing

How does this affect you?

We've sent you a letter, letting you know your new band.

I've got my new band — what happens now?

By the end of May 2014, the online bidding system (Selections) will be closed.

Instead, we will make direct match offers to residents on the transfer list. You will be made a reasonable offer of a new home in line with your priority banding. Please note: if you refuse this offer, your application may be cancelled.

I've been removed from the transfer list

This is because we've reassessed your needs and you don't meet the criteria for bands A1–A9.

For a list of alternatives, please see the Housing Options leaflet (pdf, 969kb).

Appealing our decision

Please write to us within 10 working days of receiving the letter, explaining your reasons for appealing. 

Lettings Team
45 Westminster Bridge Road


More information

Please contact us or see our lettings policy (pdf, 378kb)