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Find out about events, activities, lost and found items, and more!

Do you want to let your neighbours know about an event or residents' meeting?

Are you starting up a new community activity?

Do you want to find out what's happening in and around your local area?

Perhaps you've lost or found something on an estate?

Check out your neighbourhood noticeboard! Every estate page has one, and anyone can add a notice.

PemburyExample of an neighbourhood noticeboard

How it works

Find the estate/neighbourhood where you want to advertise, on Our Neighbourhoods.

Click the noticeboard tab:

Noticeboard tab

You'll see all the notices for that estate. If you want to add something, click on the "submit a notice" button:


You can then fill in all the details. The more details you add, the more likely people will be interested. Good things to include are:

  • times
  • dates
  • images
  • links to a website or poster
  • an email address or phone number for people to find out more

Notices are checked, to make sure they meet the noticeboard guidelines, and then published within three working days.

That's it! Your neighbours and local community will now be able to see your notice.