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We want to offer a better service which prioritises those residents with the most urgent housing needs

We’ve been reviewing our policy on managing residents' requests to move to another Peabody property. 

Demand for these "internal transfers" is high (residents wait an average of eight years) but we have few properties available (145 last year).

Following our review, we’ve changed our banding. There will now be nine bands — A1 (highest priority) to A9 (lowest priority). There is an additional band, F, which is for older people’s housing and is unaffected by the policy change. You can find out more about each banding here. 

Other changes
Another result of our review is that all tenants currently eligible for a transfer will be directly matched to homes suitable for their needs. This means that ‘Selections’, the choice-based lettings system, will no longer be in operation. 

Instead, we’ve brought the application process in-house.  If you're already a resident with us who needs rehousing and wants to see if you're eligible for a transfer, please complete our internal transfers questionnaire. If it turns out that you are eligible, you’ll be taken through the next steps so that you can apply via the relevant forms.

If you have any queries about anything above, please call Peabody Direct on 0800 022 4040 or email the Lettings team.

Find out about the internal transfer process