Firefighters entering a property

The London Fire Brigade has launched a website containing essential information for residents living in purpose-built flats or high rise buildings

Know Your Fire Plan details how to escape from a burning building — with specialist advice for residents living in blocks of flats or tall towers.

You can find out answers to questions such as:

  • How do I plan an escape route?
  • How do I get out?
  • How can I prevent fire starting?
  • How do I cook safely in my flat?

There's also information on what Peabody, as your landlord, needs to do regarding risk assessments, evacuation strategies and legal procedures.

Know Your Fire Plan

How Peabody can help you

Our Fire Safety and Risk Team work to minimise fire risks to your home and building.

You may see assessors around your home/estate, who are responsible for measures such as:

  • upgrading front entrance doors
  • ensuring appropriate signs are in place
  • keeping communal areas free of rubbish (which can block fire escapes and increase the risk of arson)

If you see any piles of rubbish, please report it to your Neighbourhood Manager or Caretaker. 

Free smoke alarms

If you're a resident and you don't have a smoke alarm, we can send you a battery-operated alarm (free for tenants; available at cost price for leaseholders). 

Order a smoke alarm