People at an IT training session in London

Spring Online, 31 Mar–4 Apr, across the UK

We're supporting Spring Online, Digital Unite's award-winning initiative that helps people, often older people, to use computers and to go online, often for the first time.

Digital Unite

Between 31 March and 4 April there will be thousands of free taster events and sessions will be held by volunteers and organisations across the UK to help and inspire local people achieve a lasting use of the internet.

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Want to try out the internet or use a computer?

Our Net Worx programme offers free computer and internet lessons at many of our community centres across London.

Net WorxBridging the digital divide: Net Worx learners with a tutor

You can learn how to send an email, surf the internet, write a letter using a computer, and lots more.

Our learners tend to be older people, aged over 55, which is why two of our Net Worx centres are at sheltered housing projects.

The rest of the centres are open to everyone.