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Rosendale memorial included in exhibition marking World War One centenary.

Organised by the Mayor of London with help from the War Memorials Trust, English Heritage and others, Exploring London's First World War Memorials features new images of London memorials taken by photographer James O. Jenkins.

Included in the exhibition is a photograph of our Rosendale Road memorial. This was created from the "Tommy and Jack Fund" which was set up by local residents to collect donations for gifts and supplies for soldiers. The memorial was built for £235 from the money left in the Fund at the end of the war.

Rosendale -memorial
Rosendale Road memorial: More than 10% of Peabody residents saw active service during the 1914–1918 conflict

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson, who opened the exhibition, says: “The First World War changed the way people looked at life forever. Every Londoner felt its effect, every London borough waved off brave young men who were never to return, whilst those left behind had war brought to them when air raids began.

"This exhibition is a reminder that the First World War affected every street, every community in London. Each year the Cenotaph becomes the focus for the National Service of Remembrance, but I urge Londoners to let this exhibition lead them to explore their local memorials, to ensure that this greatest sacrifice is never forgotten.”

The exhibition also remembers the 1,065 former staff and three members of the London County Council who lost their lives during the conflict.

Exploring London's First World War Memorials runs from Monday 4 August to Friday 12 September 2014 at City Hall, London, SE1. Entry is free.